About Us

The main purpose of Beach Company has always been to set up a business model focused on customers.
Since 1991, when Beach Company started facing the market, we first invested in people for taking care of our partners, solving their problems, thinking of long lasting business relationships.
Beach Company produces and distributes brands leader in the medium-high fashion market.
To make it happen we work with different experienced designer groups which are consistently sharing ideas and researching unique fabrics to inspire the market with every collection.
Established and inspired by Fabrizio Scarselli Beach Company integrates all the various phases of work becoming a unique model in which creativity is applied not only to the products but to each stage of its development and evolution.
The Beach Company approach is also reflected in its corporate structure: flexible, creative and innovative, with firm roots in the area where it was founded but open to the world. A world of people who appreciate the quality of fabrics and the research of details.
The Beach Company faces the future with determination and ambition to consolidate the Brand's position as European market leaders.
We are thinking of our collections as a way to communicate our passion for the job we love.
All the staff share this same mind-set, participating day by day with the same enthusiasm and determination in what is more than just a job, but a way to express real set of true personal values.
Always testing the fitting, taking care of all the details and never stop researching the best fabrics to make our customers feel proud of choosing our products.
An unconventional viewpoint from which a garment is always much more than what appears, becoming a window on an infinite horizon.